My List of Broken New Year’s Resolutions

My Short List of Broken New Year’s Resolutions

I always start my years full of aspirations and high on dreams. The thought of having New Year’s resolutions tend to paint a mental picture that this year will be great and better than the just concluded year. Apparently, everyone is guilty of this and spend their first few days of the year detailing a plan. A plan or a list of things they should start doing, or what they want to achieve within the year. Yes, the New Year’s resolutions. You have probably made them by now, and even if you haven’t committed them to a piece of paper, they are somewhere deep in your mind.

Well, New Year resolutions are the goals you intend to achieve in the coming 360 days. They are a blight of passage for the New Year meaning new things and new aspirations. I too, have made them,  but looking at what I achieved over the past few years I have come to a conclusion that new year resolutions remain what they are; new year resolutions. As much as they give a new set of sporadic earnest attempts in a person, so many a times do we fall short. However, the glory of New Year resolutions is trying and hoping they last until a next new year. Below is what I consider my short list of broken New Year resolutions. No matter how much I decide to commit to either of them, they only last for a couple of months if not days. I am sure you are also guilty of breaking some of them if not all:

#1. Join the Gym/Lose Weight/Stay Fit

After adding a few pounds during the holidays after visiting folks, the number one goal in mind is getting in shape and staying fit. Unfortunately, this is a resolution that most of us have but break it in the shortest time. In fact, previous research has shown that about 60 percent of gym memberships signed in January are never really used and almost all of them are ignored by Valentines.

#2. Improve My Relationships

The thing with the holiday season, especially Christmas is that people are happy, available, and friendly. In fact, you will encounter the most kind, helpful, and warm-hearted version of the people you know during this time of the year. For this reason, you will find yourself resolving to be a better person and improve your relationship with others. But as the holiday breezes away with the hustles of Njaanuary, so does the resolutions and unfortunately fall back into the old ways.

#3. Stop Procrastinating

Procrastinating is the one the one thing that has killed many of my dreams and ambitions, and have countless opportunities fly by my head. Every start of the year comes with the resolutions to start acting now rather than later. But ditching this animal is harder than we usually thought. In fact, it is so difficult without the right kind of self-discipline.

#4. Get Organized

You look at your house and mind at the start of the year, and realize that everything is cluttered in both rooms. You clean them out and resolve to be doing the same over the next 12 months. January passes on well and you’re are very organized, but come March and you can’t point out where or what went wrong. It’s just another broken new year resolution.

#5. I’ll be Sober/Quit Drinking

This isn’t just a resolutions, but something most people say after suffering from a bad hangover. As the new year starts, you promise yourself to stop drinking or at least do slow on alcohol. Unfortunately, alcohol addiction slowly evolves into a physical dependence and all it takes is an invite from a friend to a friends’ night out, a nyama choma or an EPL game. And just like that, another broken new year resolution.

#6. Quite Smoking

Just like drinking, tobacco addiction becomes a physical dependence and quit smoking requires more than just a new resolutions. No wonder only 15 percent of the people who attempt to quit smoking succeed in stating cigarette-free after 6 months.

#7. Save More Money and Get Out of Debt

Taking loans and looking for sources of finances is a normal part of life. But one too many times, we can get into financial trouble and all we want to do is pay off the debt and start saving. As a new year resolution, we even come up with a plan of how we will be paying in small portions until all the debt is full paid. But few months into the year, “What the H happened?!!”

#8. And Another Big List

Broken New Year resolutions are many, but this does not mean you stop having them. They are good and somehow give your life a direction, or perhaps what you ought to achieve. When making your resolutions, consider the following too… Even if you break them, you will still know where you need to improve in your life.

  • Have a baby
  • Be less stressful
  • Be since about commitments and punctuality
  • Give more time for that one thing you love the most
  • Be a more friendly and helpful person
  • Learn a new hobby; swimming, guitar?
  • Learn something new; a new language perhaps
  • Go back to school
  • Get a new job
  • Travel more
  • Do something for charity; maybe volunteer
  • Call and visit parents more; spend more time with family
  • Eat healthier; healthy hogging and fruits too
  • Get more sleep
  • Get a pet
  • How about trying a blind date
  • Donate your old clothes
  • Spend less time on social media
  • Watch less TV
  • Stop snoozing the morning alarm
  • Buy a car
  • Get married

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